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  • Authors: Thomas A. Cook, Kelly Raia
  • File Size: 33 MB, 26 MB
  • Format: ePub (original), PDF (converted)
  • Length: 688 pages
  • Publisher: AMACOM; 3rd edition
  • Publication Date: August 17, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0076YH67I
  • ISBN-10: 0814438202, 0814438202
  • ISBN-13: 978081443820, 9780814438206


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About The Author

Kelly Raia

Thomas A. Cook

Thomas A. Cook

Professor Thomas A. Cook is the Managing Director of Blue Tiger International, a premier international business consulting company on supply chain management, purchasing, global trade, trade compliance, and logistics. Previously, he was the CEO at American River International Ltd, which specialized in the time-sensitive and unique handling needs of the broadcast, communications, and high-tech industries for over 16 years. Companies such as United, Bexel, NBC, Duke City, and NMT have utilized their services to move freight both domestically and internationally.

Thomas has authored over 19 books on Global Trade. He has both an undergraduate and MBA in International Transportation from SUNY Maritime College and is a retired Naval and Merchant Marine Officer.

Has your company reached its potential from the West Coast to the East Coast, from the Great Lakes to the Deep South? Then look beyond the borders!

Mastering Import and Export Management, 3rd edition (PDF/ePub) is filled with step-by-step instructions, cost-effective strategies, and ready-to-use forms. According to the US Department of Commerce, more than $1.6 trillion in goods are exported annually to dozens of countries, while nearly $2.4 trillion are imported. What could your company’s share in that be? This 3rd edition of Mastering Import & Export Management walks you through every key area of this lucrative expansion opportunity for any business, from handling logistics to complying with post-9/11 security measures to building a global team to clearly documenting shipments using Incoterms.

You will also find in the 3rd edition:

  • Trade compliance SOPs
  • E-commerce in international trade
  • New documentation, operations, and procedures
  • Guidance on managing transportation service providers
  • Strategies for reducing risk and spend in global supply chains

For managers and operating personnel with the knowledge and tools to overcome challenges, the world of exporting and importing offers lucrative new frontiers.

The landscape of international trade is constantly shifting—and riddled with potential pitfalls. Mastering Import & Export Management 3rd edition is the roadmap you need to successfully navigate the sometimes treacherous and often confusing terrain. This invaluable handbook has been thoroughly updated to provide essential information on the major regulatory changes in the global marketplace, as well as new operations, documentation, and procedures. It offers you powerful strategies for moving goods and services internationally in the most efficient, safest, and cost-effective manner possible.

Included in this new 3rd edition are templates of the current forms and procedures required by the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, the Federal Maritime Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of Export Administration, and other involved trade and government agencies. This completely revised edition untangles all the rules and regulations and provides up-to-the-minute changes in these crucial areas.

Mastering Import and Export Management 3e is completely updated. This self-directed, all-encompassing guide simplifies all the latest regulations and gathers together the best practices in the evolving field of export/import. Students will have all the knowledge and tools required to overcome any challenge and expand their business into lucrative new frontiers.

NOTE: This sale includes the ebook Mastering Import & Export Management 3rd edition in the original ePub (Kindle) format. A converted PDF is also included. 


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