MasterClass: Karl Taylor – Introduction To Photography – Video Course

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  • Instructor: Karl Taylor
  • Number of Video Files: 1
  • File Format: Video (AVI)
  • Total Size: 700 MB
  • Streamable: Yes
  • Can it be saved to your cloud: Yes (via Google Drive)
  • You might need a codec to run it, in which case get the free and open source K-Lite codec pack.


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About The Author

Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor

Karl is a well-known professional photographer, who has covered worldwide a wide range of assignments, worked as a photojournalist and has been involved in fashion and advertising photography. He now runs a very successful studio and training website/company and the DVDs are an extension to his training facilities.

Introduction to Photography is the first DVD in the Karl Taylor Photography Masterclass series that was released in 2010. At that time, it was very expensive, but we are now offering it as a downloadable video for a huge discount.

You will learn the following:
  • How Cameras Work
  • Using Your Camera in Manual
  • Creative Composition
  • Apertures & Shutter Speeds
  • Understanding Light
  • Optics, Lenses & Focus
  • Landscape Photography
  • Capturing Action
  • Depth of Field
  • ISO and Resolution

The first chapter sees Karl Taylor walking along a sandy beach to introduce the DVD. He is very animated and his enthusiasm is delivered in his presentation. Karl explains what we are going to learn with a backdrop of the ocean and a soundtrack bobbling alongside. It’s all very exciting.

He suggests the six things we need to understand are the subject, light, optics, time, aperture, and medium. Karl then explains what these are and how they all sit within photography. With the various aspects of photography now broken down, we move into his studio reception where Karl demonstrates how cameras work. The how “the shutter works” explanation is done with brilliant simplicity using an old Olympus film camera.

karl taylor explains exposure

Exposure explained using a model in the studio

We think you will love the clear and articulate explanations, varied teaching techniques, slick filming, with multi-angle shooting, and photographs used to illustrate the sections. If you have any questions about camera basics this will answer them…concisely and clearly. Originally priced for £30 ($45), this video course is now available for around $5 – if you’re starting out with an SLR this video is a sure fire way to get up to speed very fast. This course is ideal for beginners.

Note: This product does NOT include any online support or extra videos.


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